demon spore
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Blast your way out of tentacle hell as a failed lab experiment gives birth to a rapidly growing viral horror in this intense action roguelike inspired by 80s Monster movies.


Contact lost from Genetic Research Facility MacReady. Evidence indicates sample AB-6123 has been compromised. Last received security footage reveals severe biohazard contamination originating from cell fission experiment Alpha-3426.


Current intel reports the facility is in complete lockdown. Reports of tentacle growth rapidly spreading throughout the laboratory. Extreme quarantine measures have been implemented as of protocol B6613. Evacuation confirmed to be impossible at this stage. 


Recommend proceeding with Operation Autoclave immediately. Implement extreme quarantine measures. Eliminate evidence of the samples at all costs. Leave no witnesses. And under any circumstances - DO NOT LET THE CONTAMINATION ESCAPE.

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Awards and coverage

IGN Teaser Trailer on youtube
1 million views

Announce Trailer on Tiktok
1.6 million views
Frag Hero

Nominated for Rising Star Award
Indie Cup UK'23
Indie Cup

Silver Award Winner - PitchYaGame awards Nov 2021.
Second most viewed trailer of over 1000 entires.

Best Portuguese Game - Indie X Awards Nov 2023.
Handpicked from 50 Finalists.
Indie X

Press Articles

"One of the Best Games at PAX East 2024"

Elijah Gonzalez, Paste Magazine

"Demon Spore feels like a horror film gone roguelite"

Donovan Erskine, Shacknews

"Horror roguelike game Demon Spore is nightmare fuel"

Brandon Orselli, Niche Gamer

"Forge a path through the lab in your fight for survival"

Dale Driver, IGN

"Survive A Lab Experiment Gone Wrong In DEMON SPORE"

Dean Clark, Game Tyrant

"The Thing meets Bullet Hell"

Ryan Noble, Horror DNA

"Demon Spore looks like it’ll have you running for your life."

Felix Schade, Polygon

"Demon Spore...also looks fantastic."

Cameron Koch, Gamespot

"Demon Spore looks to be the closest so far to fans playing a video game adaptation of The Blob"

Mike Wilson, Bloody Disgusting